: Words-control-contracts &: contracts ARE: control of our world, further-control with the usuries of our each-day-life-performances, like-how-one-conducts with them self at the work, airplane, social-media, DMV, doctor’s, school, bank OR at the gym.
For the void-correct-grammar on the contracts ARE with the possibility of the scenario with the you as the victim under the control on the paper by other contract-parties.
For the Claim of the Life-Citizens ARE within the Chief’s-Global-Banking &: Postal-System with the control of the contracts in their life with the use of the Quantum-Grammar with the good-volition by the honest-performances of their world. 

For the contracts of the Quantum-Grammar-convey-facts with the Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance-Writ.

[Contracts control the world, including, the usuries of daily life performances, like how one conducts them self at work, on an airplane or social media, to the DMV, doctor’s, all the way to the gym, school and bank. Yet, without correct grammar on contract, you are likely being controlled on paper.

Claim of the Life Claimants under Chief’s system, however, control the contracts of their life, using Quantum-Grammar with good volition, to evoke honest performances in their world. Contracts using Quantum Grammar convey facts using: CORRECTNESS, SENTENCES, STRUCTURE, PARSE, SYNTAX, GRAMMAR &: PERFORMANCES. 

Listen to the Audio to Learn More About the Facts of the Quantum-Grammar.]