: Damage-Claim-Airport-Worker-Loses-Job of the How-Win.

[16 false damage claim – court house sent me papers – syntaxed back – judgement sent against me – syntax within 72 hours rescission act- send back to them – alert the creditors in your location that there is a false claim being made by these people – lost my job from a false notarize document – not wearing any mask or covid requirements – need to put safety nets up with your job while you had it – worked at the airport – file with the port authority of the airport – have an adminstrative court within the port authority of the airport – file paperwork with the port authority – port authority works for the department of transportation – go into the port authority court instead of the silly other courts – Claim is known there in the port authority – start there and state that you want your job back – there are no file stamps on court documents – talk to human resources and say you are being tricked by people who are playing games because they don’t have jurisdiction over me they are using you as the police against me when you don’t have to be because there is nothing legal here – give them a command letter saying you want your job back as well as an amicus against the fiction judgements – want to go back to work and want to be paid – put it on the news – sue the news broadcasting company too defamation/slander- ]