: Netherland-New-Birth-Certificate-Performance-Steps.

[11 Netherlands – Press Conference on Dutch 8pm Curfew – Performances – Quantum Broacasting-Markers – Send them an Amicus. Rico is their Study group for europe. Poststamp with a letter on it with a category, no value sign on it like a dollar sign or Euro sign. Holland. Contract of postage stamp- Married Couple- having child- Live-life claim – small official birth certificate – paperwork – have to take to city hall in 3 days – can you put the autograph on it – put a claim of the life in the envelope – put the childs foot prints on it – have it notarized with the parents autograph – put a $1 stamp on the envelope – autograph the stamp – go down to city hall – have to notarize it – cant just do postmasters witness]