: Children/Child-Claim-of-the-Life.

NOW AVAILABLE: fortheclaimofthelife.com

Q: Can I get a claim of life for my child/children? 

A: Yes, under several conditions:

1. As long as at least one parent can provide proof of their own Claim of the Life, they may purchase a Claim of the Life for their child.
2. The parent with The Claim of the Life will autograph using correct punctuation and the parent without, must sign. They will sign using their nom de guerre.
3. Parents/Guardians agree to the standards policy against any sort of human trafficking.
4. Once purchased, data will be submitted & verified (passport & birth certificate) and completed template will be sent for you to Authorize your own child.
5. Children who become adults, 18 or older, qualify to have their own Claim of the Life.

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