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May 14, 2022
: Patrick -Daniel: Schultz.

I have to confess that after first hearing: Russel's story as told by Sgt. Horton when he was of good volition, I dismissed it as proof that the masses are idiots and believe anything. Yet I couldn't stop wondering what did happen in 1999 because I knew of the bankruptcies but hadn't considered the three strike rule. Suddenly it all became obvious and made sense. Instead of filing as a SPC on my birth certificate as I was about to do, I got my claim, and following : Gordon-M: Shillers directives I filed evidence with the court clerk for a traffic matter I was contending with. I have tried many tactics in attempting to stand my ground for my rights and correctness, but all had been met with mockery, dismissal, and no effect. Til now. The clerk did not hesitate. She looked at the evidence as if she had seen it a hundred times. This showed me that that quantum grammar is valid and recognized, at least by the clerk tho not by the rogue judge. And :Chiefs candor and testimonial possessed the substance of truth. Like it has been said, you can't make this sh!t up! I just wish I could have been in Phoenix, I need to learn those performance/mechanics asap. Heartfelt Gratitude and Respect

June 18, 2022
: Noel-Matthew : Shallow

For the life of my nature and nurturing was a life born into poverty. As a child i lived and loved and felt also experienced life for how simple and magical this planet we share and live on together.

For the mind of the child is pure and untempered. As event's in my father's life occurred regarding his ability to provide for a family of 6, 7 including himself, i came to the know knowledge of the pressure the OLD SYSTEM affected the world's families.

I am of my father and he is of me. I felt, experienced and witnessed the struggle on my father's shoulders.

Myself and father know of the story line of the Landmass of the Country-~Γ‰ire'. We knew of our Sovereign Rights and we the seek the answer's of our FOUNDING FATHER'S'.

As time came to pass i lost my best friend, favourite teacher and most of all my rock,
After 49 years of struggle and continued STRESS, STRUGGLE and the lost of all hope my father made a choice to leave this planet of pain and suffering and took his life.

Being with the loss of this i kept on my journey in seek for answers. I lost my whole Family's Love towards me, i was called Crazy about what i spoke of to friends/ Stranger's

Simply most if not all DID NOT WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING I HAD TO SAY. I speak of the knowledge of the GOVERNING and POLICING followed by the TAXING of the Family's and those of the working class.

For my homeland is a disgrace. Our inheritance of my birthright by Gods Testament/WILL saying we are to care of this planet on his behalf. Love and help one another. So as i grew older, wiser and experienced suicide, suffering and survived addiction for LIVE and LOVE again brings my purpose back to my contribution to our Planet.



( It is an honour, thank you. )

June 24, 2022
:Maria: Cook.

[ I applied for the passports for my two children last year. Went to the post office, agent followed the usual protocol, I and my spouse autographed both applications with our quantum names. Applications were accepted but at a later time were sent back to us stating that they cannot accept the parents' signatures in the format that we signed. They wanted us to fill out new applications and sign "correctly" in front of a live agent again. I did not follow ANY instructions from that letter. Instead, I filled out the new passport applications in quantum grammar, placed stamps and autographed again in the same manner with the seal and sent those documents back to the passport's office. We did not sign applications in front of the live agent at that time either. We waited longer than what they promised us but kids' passports arrived and we celebrated our little victory! We did place stamps and autographed them on the signature line in each passport, followed by closure to the state department and the departments of transportation. Last week husband flew to California from Ohio and had no problem with the stamp in his passport on the signature line along with the seal and autograph and sea lane number. Love, Light and Admiration to :Russell and :Rachel! These two people are in our daily family's prayers.]

July 23, 2022
: Magnus-Helgason: Matras

: For the thank you postmasters for your amazing work ! I am basically living at the harbor in a small village named "Vestmanna" / Faroe Islands / Northern Europe, and i got my claim of the life from the chief a few weeks ago.

This learning journey has been quite something, from loosing my tourism company due to "Covid" in early 2020, to becoming a noticed "Anti-waxer" in the public arena, which of-course made my family-members, who most are doctors, quite upset.

I got a first hand experience in the court when our company was closed, and my father told me that after these court cases, it seemed like the light in my eyes had disappeared. This was true because i couldn't really comprehend how illogical, unemphatic, arrogant these people where, and now i know. -Stay out of the courts-noticed, Chief.

Due to the size of our islands, most people know each other, and the national spirit has always been good, positive, united, and most of all proud. This is unfortunately changing due to these secret orders, who seem hellbent on making our lives as miserable as possible, dividing our country in their search for the light. -They are of course looking in the wrong places, and taking on life the wrong way. They are posting pictures of burning people, transferring statues from the city down to the sea, boats/fish on most media pictures, throwing out boys out on the ocean in mass, parking boats around the harbor with knots tied on the front and rear, even putting up a guillotine in the middle of the village, which has been taken back down again, due to people complaining. A true Zeitgeist to experience, but as one politician once taught me: Kill them with kindness πŸ™‚

The admiralty "conspiracy" is all around us here on our small islands, and it can be quite a lot to take in when you start to understand these matters. It has been right in our face all along, and we can't see it, and i have a hard time to comprehend how a 23 year old guy from Wyoming saw through it all back in 1999 !!
Ironically enough i was born on the 1 November, which is the day we remember all lost soles, to the sea, and i am probably the first Faroese to get a claim-of-the-life from our postmaster. The second one is right around the corner, and we are both committed on helping our nation forward using this incredible technology, which is truly saving us in these troubled times because the actors are working harder than ever, and without this knowledge and solutions, we would truly be lost at sea ready for harvesting. Our biggest enemy is ignorance, and lack of knowledge. -Exactly as Jesus prophesied.

It's now easy to see how many mistakes I myself have made in the past, how i have signed my name, and how ignorant i have been regarding passport, drivers-license, bank account, birth certificate, and signing contracts in general. I have read quite a bit of Miller's book, which i found on the internet, and it's like activating centers back in your mind, which have been way a sleep your entire life, and i am looking forward to start studying more on language performances, postmaster mechanics, contracts and so on. It's really good that chief has set up a venue for the teaching our children, so the future of our children will be in the now time, and less future tense πŸ™‚

I really like the way the Chief has set up this system, first by us mailing around at our own location, giving us the training to "birth" our own vessel, and afterwards joining the larger quantum system, by posting the vessel to the Chief's location, and getting his autograph. This is brilliant, and it gives you peace knowing that you are sovereign, with your own legal vessel number at your own location, and this vessel number is joined together with the larger network of like-minded people.

If any bounty-seeker or postmaster is interested in visiting our islands, setting up an informational venue, or hunting up energy-vampires, please let me know so i can assist in whatever job needed, and my house is of course your home during your stay.

: For the thank you, and God's speed.

: Magnus

-Here is a funny video of the now Quantum postmaster sharing positive moments with some Italian visitors a few years ago πŸ™‚